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Slip Resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic Threshold Ramps

Provide easy access for everyone over door frames within your facility

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From: £79.05 ex. VAT ( £94.86 inc. VAT)

  • Ideal for ensuring adequate disabled access
  • Glass reinforced plastic with slip-resistant surface
  • Easy to adjust width and length for snug fit against doors

If you are in charge of managing a workplace or public establishment, you will be aware of the importance of providing adequate access for those with a disability. Everything needs to be taken into account to make sure everyone can access and manoeuvre around your building with ease, such as door frames, steps and pathways. Access ramps are a quick and simple solution to tackling difficult entrances and doorways.

These threshold ramps are ideal for placing against wooden and PVC door frames that protrude away from the floor, providing a smooth surface for those using wheeled moving aids, such as wheelchairs and pushchairs. The disabled access ramps are made from a glass reinforced plastic, which is an extra durable material, designed to withstand sustained impact and pressure without cracking or breaking. The access ramps can be easily trimmed to fit any doorway, enabling them to be neatly placed against any frame. The ramps are also subtle in appearance, ensuring that they do not impact the overall look of the door.

You can choose from two different types of threshold ramp to suit your requirements; there is either the standard ramp that fits neatly up against the door frame, or the folding threshold ramp, which is made to fit over any threshold. The latter version is ideal for door thresholds where there is a different height drop on either side. This disabled access threshold ramp is ideal for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors. It has an anti-slip surface, to ensure that people are able to glide over it without the risk of slips or skidding.

Our full range of threshold and access ramps has been collated to offer something to suit all kinds of access requirements. This particular ramp is designed to be a temporary to permanent solution; If you are looking to install a more permanent solution for disabled access from the get-go, our reinforced plastic access ramp with rails may be more suitable.

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