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Essential Workplace Health & Safety 'Slips, Trips & Falls' Poster

Increase worker awareness of safe working practices

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From: £10.50 ex. VAT ( £12.60 inc. VAT)

  • Clear messages on ways to minimise the risk of slips, trips or falls
  • Durable materials reduce wear and tear
  • Available in three sizes and suitable for a range of sectors

Despite a number of steps that can be taken to minimise the risk of a slip, trip or fall, these types of accident are still extremely common in the workplace. In many cases, however, these accidents are preventable. This handy poster provides information on straightforward ways to reduce the trip risk from snow and ice, cables and similar hazards, as well as stressing the importance of wearing safety footwear. Part of our full series of health and safety posters, it complements our electrical safety and fire safety awareness posters for better health and safety in the workplace.

Each notice in our series comes in various materials - rigid plastic, semi-rigid plastic or laminated paper. All these choices are moisture resistant and tough, with the rigid plastic option being particularly suitable for locations where it might need to be moved frequently - for example if used on temporary sites or as part of a worker induction or health and safety awareness training. In a permanent location, our range of sign fixings can be used to hold it securely in place. The posters are suitable for display on the shop floor, in office locations or in break room facilities.

Whilst it is a legal requirement that workers receive appropriate health and safety training, without regular reminders, it's easy for employees to forget about the need for vigilance at all times to minimise the risk of an accident. By hanging this slip and fall notice in prominent positions around your premises, it's possible to enhance awareness, potentially reducing the risk of an unwanted incident. You may wish to augment health and safety awareness further by handing out individual leaflets that broadly outline employee and employer obligations under current legislation.

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