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Slimline Storage Cupboards With Reinforced Doors

Smart and space-saving storage solution for a range of needs


From: £263.00 ex. VAT ( £315.60 inc. VAT)

  • Ideal for tight spaces
  • Reinforced doors for extra strength
  • Adjustable shelves

For rooms where space is sparse, having the right storage options is crucial to maintain order. These slimline cupboards are perfect for maximising space whilst also providing a tidy place to store a range of goods.

The storage cupboards can be easily fixed against flat walls and are made from an extra strong metal with reinforced doors. This storage system is also highly secure, with a three-point locking system that comes with two keys.

We have a range of storage cupboards in stock, for a range of different equipment and environments. These coloured storage lockers are an attractive option; their colour codes can be allocated to different types of goods for easy reference and access.

Additional Information

Brand Elite lockers

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