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Slice Precision Cutter with Micro Ceramic Blade

A safer, more accurate and more durable craft knife alternative


£5.99 ex. VAT ( £7.19 inc. VAT)
  • Lasts 10 times longer than steel blades
  • Ergonomic shape and non-slip surface for safe, intricate cutting
  • Suitable for shallow cutting by both left and right handed individuals

The Slice Precision Cutter is designed to offer more precise and intricate cutting abilities than traditional craft knives, as well as increased safety. Suitable for shallow cutting, it has a zirconium oxide micro-ceramic blade that will not rust, remains sharp and lasts 10 times longer than traditional steel blades found in normal craft knives or cutters. Since the exposed blade is far smaller than standard craft knives, there is much less risk of injury, and the ergonomic and non-slip finish reduce the risk of users losing their grip and accidentally cutting themselves.

The micro-ceramic blade of the Slice Cutter is non-magnetic, non-sparking and non-conductive, which makes it suitable for cutting printed circuit boards or performing other intricate cutting tasks where standard craft knives may be unsuitable. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold like a pen so accurate cutting of intricate shapes is possible, and it is therefore ideal for cutting letters or numbers. When the cutter is not in use, the blade is protected by a simple clip-on lid, allowing it to be slipped into a pocket or storage bag without any safety risks.

The Slice Precision Cutter's design is so effective that it won the 2008 Good Design Award. Since then, its popularity has soared with both professionals and amateurs who use the cutter for a variety of art, design and craft-based applications. It's important to note that the Slice Precision Cutter is best suited to shallow and intricate cutting only; for a more industrial alternative, consider the Slice Box Cutter instead.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Green
Supplied in Single unit
Weight 50 g

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