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Ceramic-blade Slice™ pen cutter

Pen cutter with retractable blade for precision and safety


£10.99 ex. VAT ( £13.19 inc. VAT)
  • Suitable for a range of cutting needs
  • Rubber slider button for extra grip
  • Durable double-sided ceramic blades

There are many instances at home or at work where adequate cutting equipment is needed. Our Slice™ pen cutter is the ideal solution to cutting a wide range of materials when you need to package goods, or as a useful tool in a manual labour job where cutting stronger materials is necessary.

Our Slice™ pen cutters, also known as Stanley knives, pen knives and precision cutting knives, have extra strong ceramic blades that typically last around ten times the average lifespan of regular metal blades. The extra strong ceramic also makes them suitable for cutting not just paper and card, but other stronger materials, without breaking. However, if you just need a knife for cutting simple paper and card, our Slice™ precision cutter is an essential tool.

The Slice™ pen cutter is available as both auto-retracting and manual. The manual option includes the ability to lock the blade in three different positions to ensure it stays in place and is safe when in use. For an added safety barrier, the blade can be easily retracted to sit within the housing of the knife when not in use, meaning that risk of accident or injury is minimal. The smooth blade of the Slice™ knife also makes it easy to clean and, being made of a metal that is non-conductive, the knife will not react to chemicals and will not rust.

The cutting knife is easy to transport, being both compact and safe. However, if you require a very lightweight solution to cutting that is designed to be used on-the-move, our Slice™ mini cutter will fit easily in a pocket, brief case or handbag and is operated by a simple slider button.

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