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Slice Ceramic Replacement Blades for Slice Box, Slice Mini or Slice Pen Cutters

Long-lasting, non-rusting blade for the Slice Mini, Box and Pen


£15.99 ex. VAT ( £19.19 inc. VAT)
  • 10 times sharper than traditional steel blades
  • Provides effective cutting for the equivalent of 20 traditional metal blades
  • Rounded edges reduce the risk of injury

These ceramic replacement blades are designed for use with the Slice Box Cutters, Slice Mini Cutters and Slice Pen Cutters. Hand-sharpened, the double-sided blades won't rust, are non-conductive, non-magnetic and chemically inert. Plus, they stay sharp for up to 10 times longer than stainless steel blades.

The rounded tip of these blades helps to minimise the risk of accidental injury. This is complemented by the innovative, highly-safe designs of the compatible Slice cutters.

Additional Information

Size (Length) 34 mm
Supplied in Pack of 4

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