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Slice™ box cutter with ceramic blade

Sharp but safe way to open boxes with ease


£18.99 ex. VAT ( £22.79 inc. VAT)
  • World's first box cutter with a ceramic blade
  • Ultra safe design
  • Hook-shaped handle

Opening boxes all day in a warehouse or delivery receipt depot means you'll want a box cutter that will not only do the job well but stay sharp and effective without being a danger to your fingers. We stock a large range of safety cutters which come in all shapes and sizes, but this box cutter provides the ultimate in safety and reliability in one unit.

The ceramic blade offers a number of benefits over steel or other materials. It stays sharp ten times longer than steel does, so won't let you down even after extended periods of heavy use. Ceramic is also rust-proof, chemically inert, non-magnetic and non-conductive. This all keeps it in great condition and adds to the safety of the material.

The tip of the blade is rounded, which helps to prevent injuries from stabbing. It can be set to three different positions for easy, safe use, or when on the auto-retracting option, the blade will disappear out of harm's way as soon as you stop using it and let go of the button. One blade is included, but you can order replacement mini blades and house them in the box cutter's body.

The handle is designed to not only be easy to grip and use, but also protect the knuckles from knocks and scrapes while holding the cutter. The shape of the body also minimises the amount of blade on show during use and doubles as a hook to hang the cutter on belt loops, lanyards, or hooks, until it's needed.

Customer Reviews

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2 years ago

Service: I wasn't informed how long the delivery time was going to be. The order was accepted and it wasn't until I chased it a week later. I think it was 3 weeks for deliveryOur response: Thank you for your valued feedback. May we apologise for the delay you experienced. We have been advised that there was unfortunately a delay with the stock coming in, and the Easter bank holiday was also a factor in this instance.  We understand that this has since been resolved and you have received the goods. However, should you wish to discuss this in any further detail or if you need any further assistance; please do not hesitate to contact us on freephone: 0800 13 23 23. 

Product: Good

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