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Skipper Highly Visible Retractable Barrier and Traffic Cone Kit

Quickly and effectively cordon off hazardous areas indoors and out


£240.75 ex. VAT
£219.08 ex. VAT ( £262.90 inc. VAT)

  • Highly visible red and white retracting tape
  • Compatible with additional accessories
  • Quick and easy to set up

Any time a hazardous situation arises in your workplace, one of your first priorities should be to ensure people don't wander into danger by not realising the risk. With this Skipper barrier kit, everything you need to create an instant barricade is included, so you can keep people away while you deal with the problem.

The kit consists of four sand-weighted traffic cones, which provide a stable base for your barrier that can withstand wind if it's used outside. The cones are compatible with a range of other Skipper products, such as an amber warning light that can be used to further raise the barrier's visibility, especially if it's outside at night or in other low-light environments.

Setting up the barrier is a simple process, with the retractable tape heads mounting instantly on top of the cones and self-tensioning ratchets ensuring the tape stays taut. Nine metres of vinyl tape in each holder gives you plenty of scope for adapting the barrier to surround the hazard or area you want to fence off, and the red and white striped design maximises visibility. If you want to provide extra information to people so that they know what the problem is, the Skipper sign holder lets you display an A4 notice as part of the barrier.

When it's not being used, the barrier is easy to store and needs minimal space. The cones can be stacked, and the compact tape holders can easily be tucked away next to them. With their robust construction, the cones and tape heads are hard-wearing and can be used outdoors as well as indoors, so they're ready for any situation you need them for.

If you need to implement a barrier in the same position frequently, the wall-mounting bracket lets you fit the tape holders directly into them, attaching them firmly to a wall so the cones aren't needed. This is useful in doorways and other walkways that you might need to cordon off from time to time.

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Description 'Skipper' & Cone Barrier Kit
Product Description 'Skipper' & Cone Barrier Kit
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