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Impact-Resistant Polyethylene Pedestrian Safety Barrier

A strong multi-purpose barrier in a choice of highly visible colours

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£162.20 ex. VAT
£147.60 ex. VAT ( £177.12 inc. VAT)
  • Impact-resistant polyethylene for heavy-duty use
  • Resistant to corrosion and needs no maintenance
  • Integrated forklift recesses make placement easy

Barriers are an effective way to guide pedestrians along safe routes, which helps you keep your workplace safe by leading staff and visitors away from dangerous equipment and materials. This can be a particular concern in busy warehouses, factories and loading bays, where hazards can be unnoticed or unidentified until it's too late. This durable and eye-catching barrier is an excellent choice for creating safe pedestrian areas indoors on either a temporary or semi-permanent basis.

The barrier pieces are constructed from impact-resistant polyethylene, which bends without permanently losing its shape or suffering other damage if there's a collision. The material is more lightweight than a metal, making it relatively simple to move and position. To make things even easier, however, each piece has built-in forklift recesses to let you transport them with your forklift trucks. Remember to display clear warning signs in areas where forklifts operate, particularly if there are a lot of pedestrians present.

With its brightly-coloured finish, the barrier is easy for people to see once it's put in place, and is available in either red or yellow. To make it even more visible, you can alternate pieces of different colours to really grab people's attention. If you're creating a long-term walkway, our anti-slip floor coating is available in three colours including red and yellow, and makes a great partner to the barrier to guide people in the right direction. Because of its slip-resistant surface, it also improves safety on the smooth floors of warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Because it's made from polyethylene rather than a metal, the barrier is resistant to corrosion and rust, so it needs little to no maintenance in order to stay strong, clean and brightly coloured. This means that, once it's placed, it needs very little attention, saving you the time and potential costs associated with some other types of barrier material.

We stock a range of different barriers from the general purpose to the specific, such as our elevator guard to prevent unsafe lifts being used.

Additional Information

Size 1000 (H) x 1000 (W) x 200mm (D)
Weight 6kg

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