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Self-closing lockable stainless steel barrel tap with flame arrestor

A safe but efficient way to dispense from 19mm BSP drum openings


£57.00 ex. VAT ( £68.40 inc. VAT)
  • Integral flame arrestor for safety
  • Teflon seal helps stop leaks
  • Strong stainless steel for heavy-duty use

When dispensing substances from barrels, safety and convenience are the main concerns, particularly with hazardous or flammable materials. This tap attaches to 19mm BSP drum openings and provides an excellent way to dispense the contents while helping ensure the area is kept as safe as possible.

The tap is made from hard-wearing stainless steel, which means it stays in great condition even after use with potentially damaging substances. Its spout rotates 360 degrees to make using it easier, while a Teflon seal ensures leaks are unlikely. For safety, the tap is lockable when not in use, and it features a built-in flame arrestor to stop fires suddenly occurring when using flammable substances.

Our lockable drum store is the ideal place to keep flammable materials, preventing access by unauthorised personnel and minimising the fire risk.

Additional Information

Description Self-Closing Stainless Steel Barrel Tap
Material Stainless steel
Supplied in Single

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