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High grade security wallets

Security wallet made from high grade materials to keep your valuables safe.


From: £14.99 ex. VAT ( £17.99 inc. VAT)

  • Measures 254 x 254 x 38mm
  • Double stitched seams and flame retardant materials
  • Tamper evident security seal system

You won’t need to worry about your valuables being at risk with these high quality, durable security wallets. Featuring advanced security systems, you’ll be able to safely store your money and important documents.

The security wallets are available in two colours, red and dark blue, and measure 254 x 254 x 38mm. This means it’s big enough to store large quantities of cash and documents. If anything does happen to the belongings you’ve stored inside, you’ll know about it - the seal system is tamper evident, which will show if someone has tried to get into it.

The soft but durable construction makes the security wallet easy to carry and malleable enough to store objects of a variety of different shapes and sizes. The fine toothed brass zip is extra secure and long lasting. There’s also a looped ring in the top right corner, so you’ll be able to secure the wallet for that extra level of security. When the wallet is not being used, it’s small enough to easily be stored away.

Whether it’s for personal or professional use, the security wallet will ensure that the items that matter most to you are kept nice and secure at all times. If the unthinkable should happen, you’ll know that your wallet is made from flame retardant materials and has a chance of being salvaged.

As well as keeping your belongings safe, this security wallet will also help keep them organised. The front of the wallet has a label space, so you can mark it with identifying labels. For example, the takings for a charity night or a particular till within a shop. And once you’ve deposited the takings inside the wallet, you can place it somewhere secure; for example, a room with a key pad door lock. Straight away, you'll know what's inside the wallet just by reading the front.

Overall, this security wallet is ideal for those who need to ensure their cash and documents are kept secure, whether it be for personal or professional use, offering peace of mind in one small convenient package. We also supply transparent tamper-evident key return pouches for the storage of important keys.

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