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Customisable Security Cages

Static and mobile security cages in a variety of sizes.

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From: £398.00 ex. VAT ( £477.60 inc. VAT)

  • Steel security cages available in five sizes
  • Constructed from welded-steel with weld mesh
  • Available in two finishes – stove enamel or galvanised body and doors

Finding the right security equipment and storage solutions for your business can sometimes feel overwhelming. We understand how important it is to protect your investments, as well as your staff and customers. With our wide range of affordable security products and years of experience in the industry, we can help you to choose the right safety products for your company - no matter what it is you need to keep safe.

Keep your valuable or hazardous materials protected with one of our long-lasting steel security cages. Completely customisable for the requirements of your business, choose from either static or mobile cages and from one of five different sizes. For storing larger items, our biggest security cage measures in at an impressive 1745 x 2070mm, or if you require the secure storage of smaller, valuable items, consider our 945 x 700mm cage.

All-welded units are constructed from steel angle and weld mesh, measuring 25 x 25mm. These security cages are available in two different finishes: a hard-wearing and extremely durable yellow stove enamel or with galvanised body and doors - both of which are designed to deal with frequent use and outdoor conditions.

Whichever size and finish you opt for, you can further customise your security cage with a choice of factory-fitted shelves and hazardous chemical signs, should you require them. Each mobile unit is fitted with Nylon swivel castors - two of which are braked - for easy movement and relocation of the security cage.

If you intend on safely storing hazardous chemicals or valuable goods within one of these security cages, it is recommended that you purchase a heavy-duty padlock. We have a large selection of Security Padlocks for every type of business requirement.

The storage of hazardous chemicals should be carefully considered and treated with the appropriate safety measures including the use of chemical signs. It is important to correctly label and purchase the required signage for hazardous materials, such as our dangerous waste storage signs.

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