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Easy-to-attach Scafftag Nanotag

Holder and insert system for displaying inspection information on equipment.

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From: £7.99 ex. VAT ( £9.59 inc. VAT)
  • Ideal for items with minimal attachment space
  • Easy to secure in position
  • Three colours - convenient for colour-coding equipment

Our easy-to-attach Scafftag Nanotag kit offers the ideal solution for displaying inspection details on essential equipment in the workplace, such as fire doors or extinguishers.

This handy kit comes with 40 cable ties, 20 holders and a pen. Inserts can be bought separately.

The advantage of using this kit is that you can provide maximum visibility of inspection information on equipment that may not have adequate attachment space. This ensures that you can continue to follow safety testing compliance and regulations on all your items, no matter how big or small they are.

This Scafftag Nanotag kit enjoys great versatility and can be applied on many items of equipment. We also supply holder and insert systems suitable for portable appliance testing (PAT), with our plant and machinery Microtag kit.

One of the great features about our Scafftag Nanotag kit is that the holders are simple and quick to attach - this is especially handy if you need to secure lots of them in place at once. The useful cable ties supplied with the kit make attachment of the holders easy, but you can also choose to use split rings, which are sold separately, or rivets and screws.

The 'Next Test Date' inserts that can be used with the inserts from this kit are available in a choice of three colours - green, red and yellow. The colours and the text on the inserts stand out for attracting the required attention, but using different colours is also handy if you want to adopt a colour-coding system for your equipment.

As an added bonus, you can also include custom branding and inspection data to personalise your system, on request.

Making sure that you choose the right Scafftag product for your equipment is vital for health and safety considerations. We supply a wide range of tags and labels, so have a look through our many options of Scafftag products to find one that meets your exact requirements.

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