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Scafftag Laddertag Inspection Record and Safety Kit

Keep ladders clearly labelled and advise users on any issues

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From: £6.99 ex. VAT ( £8.39 inc. VAT)
  • Designed for mounting directly onto ladders with the durable holder
  • Highly visible design ensures the tags are seen easily
  • Keep a complete record in a logical location

When workers are using ladders, a combination of safe, suitable equipment and correct use is required to maximise safety. Our ladder safety poster helps people understand how to use ladders properly, with its colourful photographic design and simple text ensuring the information is understood easily. Keeping equipment safe and in good condition is often a more difficult and time-consuming task, but the Laddertag system keeps you organised and guides you through inspections so you can keep all your equipment in full working condition with minimal effort.

Part of the Scafftag range of safety and inspection tagging products, this Laddertag kit contains everything you need to keep thorough records of ladder safety checks. The holder included in the kit is designed to fix directly to the surfaces of ladders, keeping the tags in place and making them easy to find at all times.

The tags provide space for you to detail what checks are needed before using a ladder, along with a record of inspections that makes it easy to ensure they're performed regularly. The kit also includes a 'Do not use this ladder' tag, which can be inserted into the holder if a ladder is in an unsafe state, where its eye-catching design will be seen in time to prevent any accidents occurring.

Using this Laddertag kit alongside the Scafftag ladder safety management system lets you ensure all your ladders are in the safest possible state, and that you and your employees are operating in full legal compliance every time they're used.

In addition to the basic kit, you can also order Laddertag replacement inserts, which saves you money by eliminating the need to buy a new holder each time. Make sure you keep plenty in stock so you're never short when you need to inspect or label a ladder.

If you're new to ladder safety or the Laddertag system, we also stock Scafftag ladder guides, which are pocket-sized reference booklets on all aspects of sensible ladder use. They also make a useful tool for your employees to carry with them whenever they're working with ladders.

  • Scafftag Laddertag Inspection Record and Safety Kit
  • Scafftag Laddertag Inspection Record and Safety Kit
  • Scafftag Laddertag Inspection Record and Safety Kit
  • Scafftag Laddertag Inspection Record and Safety Kit

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