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Informative Scafftag clear ladder guides

Effortlessly improve workplace safety and reduce accident rates.

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From: £19.99 ex. VAT ( £23.99 inc. VAT)
  • Clear layout
  • Straightforward wording
  • Easy to apply

Workplace safety begins with properly understanding the surrounding dangers, and our Scafftag ladder guides will inform new employees and refresh the memories of the more experienced ones. Designed to be used in conjunction with ladders and podiums, they're perfect for large and small businesses - ranging from window cleaners to construction firms.

Simple to read, both rectangular designs display clear wording - eliminating any possible confusion. Marked with images of both products, employees and safety inspectors can quickly be drawn to the informative sheets - showcasing that workplace safety is a priority and that the information is freely available to all.

Available as a pocket guide or poster, the pocket guides come in packs of 5, ideal for sharing amongst crews or leaving in an accessible location. The guides are also crafted to be folded up and placed in pockets or tool kits, allowing employees to always have the ladder and podium information at their side. Designed in a soft hue, they are easy to read in any light.

The large poster is simple to apply with our self-adhesive fixing tabs, which are ideal for not leaving any marks on the wall. Presented in a vibrant colour scheme, they will stand out in the majority of work environments.

Covering all bases, the two designs go over 'do & don't' information, as well as set-up instructions and key points to check before ascending the equipment. Fully comprehensive, it also includes a list of checks that should be undertaken while using the ladder or podium.

Both cost effective and handy items, they'll prove to be cheaper than replacing poorly kept units and more practical than waiting for injured employees to recuperate. In any situation involving elevation equipment, helmets should always be worn. Our JSP Evo Linesman® Helmet is designed for harsh weather conditions.

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