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1200 Sanitary Towel Bags

48 x 25 packs of hygienic, safe sanitary towel bags.


£112.99 ex. VAT ( £135.59 inc. VAT)
  • Sanitary towel bags for public bathrooms
  • 1200 bags included (48 packets)
  • Durable and hygienic

In public bathrooms and residential facilities, feminine hygiene needs to be tackled safely and discreetly for all concerned. These easy to use plastic bags make disposal of sanitary products clean and hassle-free. Simply place used products in the bag, tie and place in the bin provided. The bags are available in packets of 25, with 48 packets in each box. That makes 1200 bags per order! The individual packets make these perfect for bathrooms with multiple stalls, and they can be placed in designated holders for even easier access. Ladies need a fast, discreet and simple way to dispose of sanitary products in public bathrooms, and these handy sanitary towel bags are the ideal solution for any public place.

Bathroom supplies need to be regularly stocked up, and when you need to refill we have a huge selection for you to choose from. Our range includes folding recycled paper hand towels, centrefeed toilet rolls and dispensers and Ecotech Disinfectant Wipes for cleaning up.

Our sanitary towel bags are designed to be durable and prevent splitting, and are also as simple as possible to use. Ideal for feminine hygiene products, tissues, wipes and other waste, the bags can be placed in sanitary waste bins for safe and correct disposal by a professional hygiene technician. They are perfect for use in schools, hospitals, workplaces and other public bathrooms where ladies could need access to feminine care. Ordering in bulk can not only save you on reordering costs, but it can ensure you are stocked up and never left with an emergency shortage.

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