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Winter Accessories

When you’re getting your business ready for winter, you don’t want to have to search through lots of different places to find the essentials you need, so we’ve brought our winter accessories together in one place. Here you can find the gear you need to clear snow and ice away from your premises or the site where you’re working. You’ll find products to help your vehicles cope with rough weather, and you’ll find thermal clothing to help you and your employees stay warm while you’re dealing with it all.

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winter accessories

When a rough winter hits, everybody rushes to buy winter accessories at once. It’s much better to be prepared and pick up what you need in advance. We have supplies available all year round. Even bulkier items such as our car park winter kit are designed to be easy to store, so you can tuck them away in the back of an outhouse until they are needed. Some items, such as shovels, can also come in useful for dealing with the debris of autumn.

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Everybody is used to wrapping up warmly in winter but when you’re working you don’t want to be swaddled in bulky clothes that get in the way. Thermal underwear is a much better choice as it is sleek and can be worn under your ordinary work clothes, so you won’t feel encumbered – particularly important when you have physical tasks to do, such as spreading grit or shovelling up snow.

Distributing grit is much easier to do when you have a grit spreader kit you can use, and we sell long handled ice breakers, which can help you to smash up thick or stubborn ice before applying the grit. If you have vehicles that need to be able to cope when away from your premises, winter tyre grip is easy to apply and can help them to drive safely across snow and ice without damaging tarmac surfaces as snow chains can. We also have traction aids for dealing with deeper snow surfaces that have not yet been packed down by other passing vehicles.

With all these items in one section, it’s easy to go through them and work out what could be useful for your workplace. Don’t wait until everybody is competing to get hold of the same items – buy today while we are still well stocked, so you can cope, whatever the weather.