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For some products, due to the hazardous nature of either their structure or their use, they must be properly checked and assessed at regular intervals to make sure they are safe for use. In which case, it is also necessary to make they are properly labelled or tagged so that workers and users know they are either safe for use, in need of a safety check, or shouldn’t be used at all. We have a wide range of safety tags available at Safetyshop, but some of our best products are our Scafftag products.

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Scafftag provide easy to use tags for use with scaffolding, fire extinguishers, machinery, vehicles, and ladders among others. When working closely with such equipment, it’s important to keep up with regular checks and maintenance to establish that they are safe to use. The classic Scafftag, for example, is for use with scaffolding structures and provides an easy system to denote when the scaffolding is safe to use. These tags should be used from erection to dismantling and should be affixed at all legal access points.The Scafftag Kits include ten holders, 20 standard inspection inserts and two pens, and offer easy visibility for users to know whether or not the scaffolding is fit for use. The Scafftag Nanotag is a much smaller tagging system best used with items such as fire doors or fire extinguishers, which also need to be regularly checked. These Nanotag kits contain 20 holders, 40 cable ties, and one pen with inserts sold separately.