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Grit Bins & Accessories

In cold weather, it is essential that roads and pathways be kept ice-free. If a slippery road or path causes an accident, this could leave you in breach of health and safety regulations. Fortunately, keeping roads and pavements free from ice is straightforward, with an application of grit and salt. At Safetyshop, we have an extensive range of grit bins and other de-icing accessories, making it easy to store and distribute the grit and salt on those cold winter mornings.

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The range of grit bins at Safetyshop allows you to choose the size of bin you need for keeping your premises safe. Some come with other accessories, including thermal gloves and high visibility jackets. To distribute the grit to the roads and pavements we have a range of shovels, which again come in a range of sizes so you can select the one that best suits your needs and storage capabilities. To purchase salt and other products to keep your premises ice-free, take a look at our range of de-icing products to be used in conjunction with your grit bins and accessories.

At Safetyshop we understand that maintaining the safety of your premises is your highest priority, so if you have any questions about our grit bins or accessories, please give us a call. But give yourself peace of mind by preparing for the cold weather – once you are well equipped, it need not be a major problem for you.