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CCTV & Warning Signs

When you’ve invested in security systems for your business, you want people to know about them. Security signs are often the principal part of the deterrent and they can also prevent injury by warning potential intruders – including well-intentioned employees who return late because they have forgotten things – of any potentially harmful security measures, such as guard dogs. These signs feature high contrast words and images that make them very hard to miss. They’re made from durable materials, they’re easy to clean and they can be used both indoors and out.

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Our range of security signs is designed to cover all the major issues you need to warn people about, and using them can help to protect you from lawsuits – as long as the measures you’ve taken are within the law. Your local police can provide crime prevention officers who are able to advise you on this. It applies with regard to thieves who might try to enter your premises, meaning that if, for instance, they slip because of your anti-climb products, the law will see them as having climbed at their own risk. It also applies to members of the public who leave their cars unattended – if the right safety signs are in place, they cannot blame you if their cars are bumped or broken into.

Buyers Guide

If you use CCTV on your premises, you will need to post CCTV surveillance signs saying so in every place where people are likely to enter. This is important in ensuring that any evidence of criminal activity that your system may record is acceptable in court. As with other security signs, they will need to be in clear view and not obscured by office furniture or other items. There’s nothing illegal about using signs such as these if you don’t have CCTV; in fact, many business owners choose to do this in order to deter prospective thieves.

At night, all your security signs will need to be sufficiently illuminated for people to be able to see them. All the signs in our range are easy to mount on a variety of surfaces, making them easy to position for optimum visibility, so in many cases you will be able to place them directly under your existing security lights. Choose your security signs today and your business will be safer as soon as they’re in place.