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Security Safes

Every business needs to keep important documents secure so safes are always a sensible investment. Today they’re used for storing detachable hard drives as well as paperwork and some businesses use them for items like design prototypes as well. This range of requirements means that safes are needed in all shapes and sizes and we have a variety available here.

A good quality safe is your last line of defence against thieves, and the longer it takes to open, the more likely it is that they’ll decide it’s not worth the risk. It can also protect you against employees and visitors who get overly curious, and it can reassure employees that their personal data is being well looked after.

Modern technology has made safes more secure than ever, and the good news is that it hasn’t significantly boosted the price. Given the protection you get, it’s an investment well worth making.

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security safes

We have a range of safes in different shapes and sizes with different security features to suit your needs. All are made from resilient materials that make them very difficult to break into. Using safes like these can help you meet a number of regulatory requirements and it also means that you can relax more easily when your premises are unattended because the chance of your most important items being stolen or damaged is much lower. If you prefer, you can even choose a portable safe and take it home with you. Safes like this can also be useful when you’re working on the road. Whatever you choose, it can help to set your mind at ease.

Buyers’ Guide

There are two main reasons why people buy safes: to prevent theft and to prevent damage. No matter how good the fire safety measures in your workplace are, accidents can still happen, and a fireproof safe is a great way to ensure that your most important documents and data remain intact. Fire safes are graded according to how long they can resist a normal fire, so when choosing one you should think about how long it’ likely to be before the fire service can get any blaze under control, and whether or not your workplace contains materials that could make a fire burn hotter than usual. Your local fire service can advise you on this.

Not everybody uses safes in the same way so there are many different locking mechanisms to suit different needs. If you prefer an old fashioned key, which keeps things simple and easy, you can choose between several models, but you’ll also need to decide how many keys you need. If you will be the only person to possess one then it’s a good idea to keep a spare in a safety deposit box at your bank, just in case. The same can be said of the code you use for a combination lock, though there is also the option of encrypting this information.

If you choose a smaller safe, remember that it will need to be securely mounted in order to prevent thieves from carrying it away and working on it at their leisure.


Can a fire safe also protect me from thieves?

Most fire safes are designed to protect you from thieves as well. Check the small print to see what degree of security they can offer you.

How can a safe protect my data?

You safe cannot protect your computer from hackers or make files you are using more secure, but it can be used to protect a back-up of important data on a removable hard drive or a USB flash drive.