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Security Padlocks

Whether in industrial settings, in the office or in the home, padlocks have a multitude of uses. They’re sturdy and reliable but easy to use and, with the help of a few links of chain, can provide security for most cabinets, boxes, doors and gates. You can find them in a wide range of different sizes to suit your needs.

Because they’re easy to move around and use for new purposes, padlocks offer unrivalled flexibility and great value for money. They’re inherently sturdy and long lasting so will rarely need to be replaced. It’s always a good idea to keep a few padlocks handy, along with things like duct tape and storage boxes, because they’re a useful solution to lots of common problems.

We have a selection of padlocks with differing security features to help you find exactly what your organisation needs. Take a look at our guides below for more information!

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Buying Guide

In this day and age, padlocks may seem old fashioned, but often the simplest solutions are the best. In fact, some of the padlocks we sell make use of the very latest technology to ensure optimum performance and durability. Whether you’re looking for something small and simple to secure an office drawer or something sturdy enough to protect your outdoor premises you can find it here.

Choosing the right padlock starts with thinking about how you will be using it. What kind of thing will it be attached to? Will it be indoors or outdoors? What degree of security will you need?

Padlocks are available in many sizes and with shackles of different lengths, and the bulkier they are the harder they are to break, but breakability also depends on construction material. Ideally, you should be looking for a padlock with a shackle just the right size to fit around what you want to attach it to, as protruding shackles provide a target for thieves.

The toughest padlocks are made of titanium but we also offer some impressively secure stainless steel ones in our range. If your padlock is going to be used outdoors or anywhere where it’s likely to be exposed to damp, you will need to make sure it’s rust-resistant. A rusty padlock is not only easier to break, it can also get jammed up with rust internally so that it’s harder to unlock.

Also important to the security of your padlock is the type of key it takes. Some padlocks have unusual ones whilst others, designed for light security use, can be opened with one of a small range of keys. We also have combination padlocks available which allow you to set a code that is highly unlikely to be cracked. Padlocks like this are the best choice for optimum security. You should remember, however, that your padlock is only as secure as the thing it’s attached to – there’s no point investing in a titanium padlock to secure an aluminium chain.


Is it worth getting a smaller padlock?

Smaller padlocks are perfectly adequate for many day-to-day purposes. For added security, you can use two different kinds together. This means there’s no need to spend a lot unless you have significant concerns about theft.

Will a padlock keep my insurance company happy?

Many of the padlocks in our range meet insurance company standards and can count as extra security, helping you to reduce your premiums. You’ll need to discuss this with your insurance provider.

What’s the safest kind of padlock?

For maximum security, choose a sturdy titanium or stainless steel padlock that is secured using a combination system, and make sure it’s attached to something equally strong.