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Safety Work Gloves

When you’re working with materials that are dangerous or damaging to the skin, or when you need to keep bacteria on your skin from getting onto the things you touch, you need hand protection that doesn’t compromise dexterity. The technology behind safety gloves is constantly improving and there are now many different variants on each basic type, making it easy for you to find the right product for your organisation.

When you’re working in a risky environment, good quality safety gloves are a vital addition to your personal protective equipment. The right ones can protect you from electric shocks, dangerous chemicals, heat, cold, spikes or dangerous microbes. You’ll find them much more flexible than older designs and some are designed to provide an extra good grip, useful when you’re handling heavy, slippery or fragile objects. Whatever the task, the right gloves will enable you to approach it with a lot more confidence.

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safety gloves

Our range of safety gloves is designed to offer the protection you need against a multitude of different workplace hazards. All these gloves meet industry standards and many incorporate the very latest technology so that you can work with them on almost as if your hands were uncovered. All the multi-use gloves offered here are made from resilient materials and will last well as long as you look after them, so take care to read any attached care and storage advice when they arrive. Remember that they will need to be put on correctly in order to provide optimum protection. Single-use gloves are more delicate and it is unwise to try to wear them over long fingernails.

Buyers’ guide

When you’re engaged in materials handling as part of your working day, it’s important to have gloves that can protect your hands and give you a firm grip. We have a range of gloves like this, many of which have additional properties. Although you’ll find them all much more flexible than workplace gloves used to be, there is still a balance to be struck between toughness and the degree of movement they allow, so you will need to think about which of these qualities is most important in your working environment.

We sell thick rubber electricians’ gloves designed to provide protection when working with electrical equipment. It’s important to note that these should always be used in combination with rubber-soled safety footwear.

Proper hand protection is important not only within the workplace but also outdoors. We have a range of thermal gloves which are useful when handling refrigerated goods and when working outdoors in winter. We also have gloves suitable for use in agricultural work

Penetration-resistant gloves are important for tasks in which there is a risk of coming into contact with sharp items, from needles to torn metal and broken glass.

Single-use gloves designed to provide optimum hygiene should be used in any situation where it’s important to avoid the transmission of infectious agents between individuals. Some people are allergic to the latex ones so it’s a good idea to have alternatives available.


Can I double-up gloves to get better protection?

It’s possible to double-up with thin, single-use gloves and other types of gloves but you should not try to wear other types of gloves at the same time or your mobility will be seriously restricted. It’s much better to find gloves that provide multiple forms of protection or switch between pairs when carrying out complex tasks.

How long can I expect safety gloves to last?

All the multi-use gloves we offer are hardwearing but some types of work take more toll on them than others. You should heck them regularly to make sure they’re not damaged. It’s a good idea to keep spares in stock so you don’t have delay work if you find a problem.