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Hard Hats & Safety Helmets

Head injuries are among the most serious and potentially calamitous that an employee can suffer at work. At their most severe, they can result in traumatic brain injury that leads to long-term physical and mental impairments or even death.

As a result, employers are obliged under the management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 to provide their employees with all necessary protection.

Reassuringly, many head injuries can be prevented or rendered significantly less serious with suitable personal protective equipment such as hard hats and hard caps.

Designed to comply with European Union safety, health and environmental requirements, our range of hard hats are ideal for employees who, in the course of their work, are at risk of being stuck by falling objects or moving equipment or of themselves. Our products will give you peace of mind by protecting your workers in compliance with European Union requirements.

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All our hard hats come with the conformité Européene (CE) or European conformity mark, which means they have met the requirements of applicable EU directives. This means all the hard hats we offer are constructed from safe, chemically-inert materials, so the wearer is not exposed to any risk in the long term, as well as the short term.

Let us take a look at some of the hard hats we supply at Safetyshop.

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At the more basic end of the spectrum are our sturdy, lightweight JSP MK1 Hard Hats. Made from polyethylene, these hats will provide electrical isolation for the worker of up to 440V. Weighing just 320g, these hats are exceptionally comfortable to wear, and are available in blue, white or yellow. 

Where workers require a wide field of vision as well as head protection, the sportily-designed Uvex Pheos B-S-WR Safety Helmet features a short brim to prevent limiting the wearer’s visual span and triple air vents to improve comfort during extended use. A rotating size adjustor enable a firm, comfortable fit, and the hats are compatible with Uvex’s safety helmet lamps. Available in dark blue or white.

Workers who require both head protection and eye protection in the course of their duties can be spared having to don easily-mislaid safety glasses with the versatile JSP MK7 Safety Helmet. Featuring in-built retractable safety glasses, it also includes a six-point webbing harness that moulds to the wearer’s head for added comfort and ventilation slots that allow air circulation, keeping the helmet cool. There are universal slots on either side of the hat that enable JSP InterEX Noise-Reducing Ear Muffs to be fitted to it; a polycarbonate Face Guard is also available.

For the only hard hat on the market today that exceeds the rigorous European safety standard EN14052, which requires a helmet to withstand over 50 joules of side impact and 100 joules of top impact, choose the ultra-high-strength JSP® EVO8 Evolution® Safety Helmet. Offering protection against front, side and rear impact three times greater than that required by EN397, this helmet is also vented for comfort and features an additional expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner that offer side impact protection from angles up to 60 degrees from vertical.


Q: Do you supply safety helmets for workers who are required to work at high altitudes?

A: Yes we do; a real market leader among our offerings is the outstanding ABS-constructed Uvex Pheos Alpine Safety Helmet with chin strap, which is ideal for those working at height or in emergency situations.

Whatever you helmet needs, our comprehensive range of hard hats is sure to meet them.