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Disposable Latex Gloves

Disposable gloves are the kind of item that are a bit like fresh air or clean drinking water: we tend to become aware of them when we don’t have them.

On a serious note, all employers are obliged under the Management of Health Safety Regulations of 1999 to supply appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) wherever necessary. While most of us tend to picture items such as ear defenders, coveralls, hard hats and safety footwear when we hear the term “PPE”, it’s a category that also includes less obvious items such as disposable gloves. 

Less obvious, that is, until you run out of them, when their importance and indispensability immediately becomes apparent, especially if your business specialises in catering, cleaning or medical, nursing or social care. In industries like these, disposable gloves are an essential, not an optional extra, and you need to have well-stocked supplies available for your staff.

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latex gloves

There are plenty of occupations, from food preparation to cleaning to nursing and pharmaceuticals, where the need to protect against contamination – the unintended transfer of microbial or chemical materials from one person to another – has to be vigilantly guarded against.

Our range of disposable gloves offers well-made products designed to provide this protective barrier reliably and safely. Let’s look at what’s on offer.

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Our powder-free Bodyguards® New Latex Gloves allow for maximum dexterity along with sensitivity and comfort. Made from natural latex, they are polymer coated and feature textured fingertips to deliver a light gripping function. The cuffs can be rolled out for additional protection of the lower forearms in case of liquid roll back. These items are supplied in packs of 100 pairs and come in Large or Medium sizes. This item complies with the EN455 regulation for medical Devices Class I. 

Finex® Sterile Powder Free Gloves reduce the risk of product contamination by avoiding powder. Made of latex, these gloves have a chlorinated, polymer-coated interior to reduce the level of potential allergens. Supplied in packs of 25, they come in Medium or Large sizes.

Manufactured by the same market-leading company, a related product is Bodyguards® Latex Powdered Gloves, which, as the name suggests, are lightly covered to make them easier to slip on and off and absorb sweat. These items also have rolled cuffs for additional strength and to protect against liquid roll back into the glove. They, too, are sold in packs of 100 pairs and come in Large or Medium sizes. They are also compliant with EN455 Medical Devices Class I.


Some of my employees have allergic reactions to the proteins making up latex rubber. Is there a safe alternative?


We supply Bodyguards® Blue Nitrile Gloves, which eliminate allergic latex protein reactions because they are made of the synthetic rubber nitrile, which contains no latex proteins. This material offers superior abrasion and puncture resistance than either vinyl or natural rubber, and feels cooler and more comfortable to wear. The gloves feature textured fingertips for enhanced grip, rolled cuffs to prevent liquids seeping into the item, and to increase the strength.

Alternative latex-free options include Bodyguards® 4 Blue Vinyl Powder Free gloves, which are suitable for minimal risk tasks only and are Food Approved (except for fatty foods), and Bodyguards® Clear Vinyl Powder Free Gloves in hypoallergenic clear vinyl. Both come in boxes of 100 pairs in Medium and Large sizes. 

Don’t run the risk of running out. Why not buy a fresh supply of disposable gloves today?