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Having good safety procedures in your workplace can only get you so far. Ultimately, they won’t help if you don’t communicate them effectively or keep information updated. That’s where Scafftag comes in. This simple system, which you can apply almost universally across your range of equipment, is easy for workers at all levels to understand and check. It’s resilient – you won’t need to worry about tags deteriorating the way paper notices can – and it’s designed with regulatory requirements in mind, so using it makes it easy for you to follow the rules.

The Scafftag system makes it easy to change the information attached to items, simply by using new inserts. It’s a useful way to keep track of what has been checked during inspections, and makes it easy to identify when an item was last checked. In addition to all this, Scafftag supplies tools to help you identify and monitor permits.

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Using Scafftag doesn’t take long to learn but you will need to provide training to make sure that all your employees understand it. After that, it’s very simple to use. Putting up an inspection guide poster can help workers understand its use in this context and engage more fully with the system themselves, so that they can immediately take actions like labelling faulty equipment – a much safer approach than having them log it in the office and hoping nobody else uses it before word is passed on. You will need to get everybody into the habit of checking tags before they start using any piece of equipment, even when they have used it recently.

For some products, due to the hazardous nature of either their structure or their use, they must be properly checked and assessed at regular intervals to make sure they are safe for use. In which case, it is also necessary to make they are properly labelled or tagged so that workers and users know they are either safe for use, in need of a safety check, or shouldn’t be used at all. We have a wide range of safety tags available at Safetyshop, but some of our best products are our Scafftag Products.

Buying guide

When you’re starting to use Scafftag for the first time, investing in a complete kit is the most practical option, but this is a modular system so you’ll find it easy to buy further items separately, whether you need them for specialist purposes or you want to replace things that have become lost or worn out. You’ll find that you don’t need to worry about the latter much, however, as, despite the small size of these items, they’re made of resilient materials and are not easily damaged. It’s more likely that you’ll find yourself looking for new tags as you expand the range of your activities.

Scafftag components are designed to weather industrial environments where they may be exposed to damp, dirt and assorted noxious chemicals. Some of the tags are designed slightly differently to maximise clarity in these different situations, so check them carefully before you buy. The range of products listed here includes items from the Laddersafe system, designed for situations in which people are working at heights.

There is a range of useful Scafftag accessories, from pocket inspection guides to emergency worker ID tag, which it’s useful to have in the workplace for occasions when they may be needed. These items can help to ensure that you are on the right side of regulations.

Scafftag provide easy to use tags for use with scaffolding, fire extinguishers, machinery, vehicles, and ladders among others. When working closely with such equipment, it’s important to keep up with regular checks and maintenance to establish that they are safe to use. The classic Scafftag, for example, is for use with scaffolding structures and provides an easy system to denote when the scaffolding is safe to use. These tags should be used from erection to dismantling and should be affixed at all legal access points.The Scafftag Kits include ten holders, 20 standard inspection inserts and two pens, and offer easy visibility for users to know whether or not the scaffolding is fit for use. The Scafftag Nanotag is a much smaller tagging system best used with items such as fire doors or fire extinguishers, which also need to be regularly checked. These Nanotag kits contain 20 holders, 40 cable ties, and one pen with inserts sold separately.


Do I need a special tool to attach the tags?

Scafftag tags are easy to attach and you won’t need to keep moving them around because you can simply replace the contents rather than the tag itself.

What if I’m moving equipment around?

These tags are designed to stay in place even when equipment is being moved so you can place faulty items in storage to await repair without anyone assuming they can be taken out and used.

Do I still need to log faulty items?

Yes. Scafftag is not a substitute for good record keeping; it simply helps you to take practical action so that recorded information reaches workers more quickly and more directly.