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Fire Alarms & Testers

In the range of fire alarms and testers, there is a variety of equipment that can help to make the fire safety systems in any workplace the most efficient that they can be. From alarm cover stoppers to detector testers, this equipment will ensure that everyone is ready in the event of an incident.

 Fire safety is a major health and safety factor in any workplace. All businesses need to have fire risk assessments in place, along with regular testing of fire safety equipment. The outlay for fire alarms, testers and other equipment is worth it when compared with the damage and huge cost of a fire.

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Consider, for example, the alarm cover stopper. This piece of equipment can help to prevent false alarms, which can be very disruptive in the workplace. The cover does not mean that the alarm cannot be used in the event of a real fire, just that it cannot be set off accidentally. Placing this over the ‘break glass’ type of signs will protect them from accidental breakage. The alarms are also protected from the climate, dust and vandalism.Detector testers will ensure that all smoke detectors are in good working order. Aerosol smoke dispensers can be used to provide a short burst of smoke so that the units can be tested for efficiency. Again, this is part of a standard fire safety programme to ensure that all equipment will work as needed in the event of a fire.