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Lightweight and compact safety expanding barrier

A steel safety barrier that can extend across an area of up to 3000mm.


£245.85 ex. VAT
£223.72 ex. VAT ( £268.47 inc. VAT)

  • Small and light enough to move from one area to another as required
  • Can be reduced in size to fit any space less that 3000 mm
  • Painted in bright yellow, it is easy for workers and vehicles to spot.

This safety expanding barrier is perfect for any industrial business that needs to mark off different areas as 'no go' zones while they work on them. Made from steel and coated in bright yellow, it is bright enough to see, but strong enough to survive any unfortunate collision by heavy vehicles working in the area. Its biggest advantage, however, is that once you have finished working, you can fold the barrier up, lock it with its locking clip, and carry it with ease to either the next area you need to zone off or back to the storage room. Only 90cm high and 30cm wide, the barrier takes up very little space.

It can be extended across an area of up to 300cm (3 metres). If you need to temporarily mark off any small area because you are cleaning it, you have just cleaned it, or you are temporarily holding delicate equipment there, it is a perfect solution. It's steel legs and base (30cm in width) are strong enough to stand on their own, which means you do not have to waste time securing it.

For a more permanent barrier, we would recommend our protection barriers with gate mesh infill. This protection barrier is also ideal for covering a wider area. If you are looking for a cheaper option, something that sections off the area without necessary protecting it like a barrier, we would recommend our plastic post alternatives.

Neither, however, match the safety expanding barrier's ease of use, mobility, and longevity. It is the perfect option for a heavy industrial environment.

Additional Information

Product Description Safety Expanding Barrier
Supplied in Single
Weight 10.5 kg
Size (H x W x D) 947 x 304 x 440mm
Extends to 3000mm (W)
Weighs 10.5kg

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Product: Excellent, cannot be faulted.

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