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Safety Anti-Fatigue Slip-Resistant Mat

Safety-compliant, anti-fatigue mat that can reduce leg and back pain.

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From: £57.45 ex. VAT ( £68.94 inc. VAT)
  • Can reduce pain in back and legs
  • Ideal for packaging and assembly areas
  • Conforms to slip-resistant and fire safety standards

If you're looking for a safety mat that can help reduce fatigue in workers, especially pain associated with the back or legs, our safety anti-fatigue slip-resistant mat is a worthwhile choice. This safety mat is versatile for use in a wide range of working environments where you want to reduce operator fatigue, but it's especially appropriate for work areas such as packaging or assembly.

As well as offering excellent anti-fatigue properties, the other standout feature of this mat is that it helps prevent slipping. In fact, it conforms to relevant slip-resistant safety tests, for your peace of mind. As a general all-round ant-fatigue mat, this one excels. However, if you require a safety mat for those who work with high-voltage equipment, we can highly recommend our slip-resistant switchboard matting for shock protection.

Durability is a top feature of our safety anti-fatigue slip-resistant mat. Made from 100% closed cell vinyl and a reassuring 9mm thickness, this mat has been designed for long-term use in mind. Easy to clean and resistant to chemicals, this mat will stay in good condition over a long period of time.

For additional peace of mind, it's also reassuring to know that this mat has been fire tested to strict standards, further enhancing its safety attributes. The appearance of this mat hasn't been compromised in any way and comes in an attractive charcoal colour that will blend in easily with any workplace. However, safety has also been given a nod within the colour scheme, courtesy of bright yellow borders for helping to increase awareness.

For your convenience, you have a choice of different size options at your disposal when selecting our safety anti-fatigue slip-resistant mat. The right type of matting is important for any workplace. We supply a wide range of high quality matting to suit different environments and requirements, so browse our huge selection for even more options.

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