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Ergonomic Office Saddle Seat

A hard wearing seat in an ergonomic shape designed to straighten and strengthen your back.


£134.99 ex. VAT ( £161.99 inc. VAT)
  • Ergonomic design reduces pressure on your spine
  • seat height can be adjusted by a gas mechanism from 530 - 720mm
  • External part of the saddle is made from hard wearing polyurethane

In the modern work environment of today, more and more people spend their days sat at a desk. Without proper regard for ergonomics, this can lead to serious long term injury, especially to the back and spine. This is also a concern for employers, who are required under UK law to address work place hazards - including the ergonomics of desk based work stations - for employees.

This saddle seat is designed to reduce pressure on your spinal discs, encouraging a healthy posture, and enabling you to strengthen your back muscles and prevent back damage at the desk. If you are kitting out a new office or just tired of spending too much time in an unergonomic seat, this could be the ideal option for you.

With an adjustable seat height, it works well for most people, however tall they are. And with rolling wheels, this seat is a perfect replacement for a traditional desk chair for any office environment.

The seat is made from a strong chrome core, covered in a sturdy and comfortable shaped polyurethane exterior. The result is a strong seat which will safely and comfortably hold your weight.

We offer a broad range of other ergonomic seats and office furniture, so whatever your needs, we're sure to have something just right for you, without breaking the bank - or your back!

Additional Information

Colour(s) Black/Chrome
Material Polyurethane<br>Chrome
Maximum Seat Height 720 mm
Minimum Seat Height 530 mm
Supplied in Single

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