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Rubbermaid all in one recycling station

Efficiently sort waste and encourage recycling with this convenient station.


From: £319.00 ex. VAT ( £382.80 inc. VAT)
  • Multiple compartments within one unit to save space
  • Durable, hygienic plastic construction
  • Includes labels and different shaped openings to indicate waste types

This convenient and durable waste station is an excellent recycling solution for busy businesses who find that recyclable materials are too often tossed away into general waste. Each station features the universally recognised recycling symbol on the front, and is divided into multiple compartments for different types of waste. The medium-sized station includes two individual SlimJim compartments within the main unit, whilst the large station is provided with an added large container holding an extra two SlimJim compartments. Each compartment is provided with a lid with a different shaped opening, and 11 popular recycling labels are included with both models to allow you to choose which types of waste you want to recycle in each compartment.

In order to keep harmful waste to a minimum, the Rubbermaid recycling station is designed to be used without bin liners. For ease of emptying, the inner SlimJim containers can be removed separately with no need to carry the entire station to your outdoor waste containers. Plus, since all parts are made from durable plastic which can easily be wiped down and disinfected, the station is incredibly hygienic.

Designed to be compact and convenient, the medium-sized Rubbermaid recycling station is 900mm tall, 610mm deep and 645mm wide; spacious enough to hold plenty of waste, yet compact enough for small rooms. The larger variety is the same height and depth and twice as wide at 1346mm. The simple and elegant design makes both varieties suitable for a wide range of environments, from offices and staff rooms to schools and public foyers which are susceptible to excess litter and rubbish.

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