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Convenient Beige Rubbermaid Curver Mobile Containers

Durable polypropylene 100-litre containers to gather and transport waste.

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From: £39.99 ex. VAT ( £47.99 inc. VAT)

  • Choose from four different coloured lids
  • A handle and rear castors aid manoeuvrability
  • Each container holds up to 100 litres

Make waste collection and transportation quick and easy using our Rubbermaid Curver mobile containers. These convenient, colour-coded bins are ideal for use in any working environment, such as in an office, a school, a retail establishment and so on.

The body of each Rubbermaid Curver mobile container comes in a neutral beige colour that blends in with most surroundings. Each container features a different coloured lid, which makes sorting waste into separate groups easy. Choose from green, yellow, blue and beige coloured lids for quick and easy waste sorting to suit your needs.

Each Rubbermaid Curver mobile container is made from sturdy polypropylene which can withstand heavy usage and is resistant to degrading. The smooth exterior means it can be wiped clean easily and the lightweight lid has a lip for convenient lifting when placing the waste inside the container. The hinged design also makes emptying the container easy. At the back of the container, in line with the lid, is a handle which has been ergonomically designed to allow for effortless manoeuvring of the container, whether empty or full. The container is also set on wheels for easy transportation that reduces the risks of injury and the two recessed rear castors allow the user to tilt the container and move it smoothly across the ground.

Each Rubbermaid Curver mobile container measures 852 x 512 x 533 mm and can hold 100 litres of waste at a time to safely dispose of and conceal large quantities of rubbish.

As well as using colour-coded containers to segregate waste, the same principle works just as well when recycling products. Use our colour coded recycling bins to encourage easy separation of materials suitable for recycling. If you need to save on floor space, why not opt for our stackable recycling boxes.

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