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Sturdy steel platform truck for rough terrain

Sturdy platform truck to safely transport goods over harsh surfaces.


£230.00 ex. VAT ( £276.00 inc. VAT)
  • Transport boxes and containers safely, even over rough terrain
  • 4 pneumatic steel centred tyres for manoeuvring over harsh surfaces
  • Drop down mesh sides for easy access

When transporting boxes and containers it's important that they are moved safely, this can be a challenge when working in areas outside of the warehouse, like building sites, over rubble and on grass. When working on these surfaces, you need a platform truck that has been specifically designed for your goods to be transported securely. This top quality sturdy steel platform truck provides you with extra security when moving goods over rough terrain, with special features to ensure smooth transportation. This platform truck offers the perfect combination of easy maneuverability and secure transportation of imortant loads. It features 4 pneumatic steel centred tyres which make this the perfect platform truck for maneuvering over rough areas. It also has a huge load capacity of up to 500kg, far higher than many comparable platform trucks so it's great for transporting heavy or bulky items.

You can ensure that your items are contained safely with this platform truck's fixed ends and drop down mesh sides, which make lifting and taking goods off the truck much easier. The interlocking diamond mesh sides mean this truck is the best choice for securing boxes or bags while you're moving them. If you're transporting boxes and containers outdoors, you never know what the surface is going to be like and this durable platform truck is a perfect solution. The pneumatic steel centred tyres mean this truck is easy to control. The strong, tough steel frame makes this the perfect piece of equipment for transporting containers outside, in any weather conditions. Our Sturdy steel platform truck for rough terrain is versatile, strong and hardwearing - making it the perfect choice for moving goods in a wide range of circumstances.

We have a range of other platform trucks and trolleys like our handy turntable truck, all made to the highest safety standards. If you're looking for equipment for transporting or storing goods in a warehouse, check out our warehouse equipment products.

Additional Information

Capacity 500kg
Description Platform Truck with Mesh Sides and Mesh Deck
Load Capacity 400 kg
Material Steel
Platform Size (H x W x L) 1235 (H) x 615 (W) x 1035mm (L)
Pneumatic Wheels (Dia.) 340 mm
Product Description Rough Terrain Platform Truck
Supplied in Single
Weight 43 kg
Weight 43kg

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Service: Easy to order and quick delivery

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Service: always delivered on time and in stock

Product: ideal price and fit for purpose

8 years ago

Service: Why do you not advise buyers of the delivery time of each product, i have placed several orders and have waited and waited and then have to call to find out when the delivery will take place to be told it on a 3-4-5 week lead time. Also can you just wait all the products ordered to be delivered before invoicing then send jus 1 invoice?Our response: Thank for you taking the time to respond to Safetyshop’s customer feedback. You should receive an order acknowledgement via email for every order placed which shows an estimated delivery date. Please let me know if you are not receiving these commumications. We raise an invoice for each despatch made against your orders, however I can amend your account to 'complete shipment' if you prefer but this would not include any items despatched directly from our supplier to yourself. Multi line orders would then hold (except direct from our supplier) until all items were available to ship. You should then only receive 1 invoice per order except if a direct from supplier item was included in your order. Please let me know if you wish me to amend your account to 'complete shipment'. Once again thank you for responding.

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Product: good product, long delivery time.

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