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Rocol Easyline® Adjustable Line-Marking Applicator

Robust and innovative line marker for floors


£183.60 ex. VAT
£167.08 ex. VAT ( £200.49 inc. VAT)

  • Sharp and clear line-marking paint
  • Adjustable
  • Highly accurate

No matter what your business and whether you need to mark outdoors or indoors, in a factory, warehouse, car park, sports field, playground or store, our Rocol Easyline® adjustable line-marking applicator will make sure you get the job done right, and so quickly that you don’t have to shut the whole factory down for hours to do it. The paint will dry rapidly, in around 10 minutes, and then you’re done, with clear, precise, sharp lines that will last twice as long as many other line markers.

You can be sure your business complies with the OSHA health and safety guidelines, giving you clear lines to mark out your safe areas, permanent aisles, passageways, 'keep clear' areas, and more. The applicator can smoothly produce different line widths of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, for your requirements, and the rear wheels are fully adjustable, letting you mark as close as you need to your shelving, walls and racks.

The Easyline Edge® applicator is very simple to use, allowing for easy changing between paints. We also stock Rocol Easyline® Edge line-marking paint for your system, available in a range of 10 different colours – fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow, black, blue, orange, red, green, white, grey and yellow – so you can easily differentiate between areas.

Note that the Easyline system is designed to only use Easyline Edge® line-marking paint, and other brands of aerosol paint will not be compatible.

The system comes complete with a battery, masking plates and a durable storage case for easy transportation, and replacement masking plates are also available to buy.

Although the paint is very quick drying and long lasting, it will not be as effective if applied to a wet or dirty surface, and it is best not to apply paint on a windy or rainy day.

If your business premises or area to mark isn’t very large, why not use our hand-held paint applicator.

Additional Information

Brand Rocol®
Colour(s) Grey/Green
Description ROCOL EASYLINE® Edge Applicator
Product Description Easyline® Edge Applicator
Specifications / Characteristics Unit folds away for neat storage in the hard case supplied
Supplied in Single
Type Applicator

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