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Lightweight Rock Salt and Spreader Kits

Corrosion-resistant, easy-to-use, lightweight spreader with finest quality white rock salt.

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From: £285.00 ex. VAT ( £342.00 inc. VAT)

  • 18 kg capacity spreader
  • Supplied with 10 or 20 bags of de-icing salt
  • Easy-to-use and lightweight design

Clear paths, yards, steps, streets and exterior work areas from snow and ice using one of our rock salt and spreader kits. Ensure the ground is free from ice in winter so as to avoid accidental slipping and guard against the ground refreezing with this white rock salt.

The medium duty broadcast salt spreader allows you to spread the rock salt accurately across a spread of 8 to 12 feet. Made from polyethylene with an epoxy powder-coated chassis, the 18 kg capacity spreader is resistant to corrosion, is lightweight and features a "T" bar handle made from steel for easy use. It is set on two pneumatic tyres, which are 22 mm in diameter, for easy manoeuvrability, and the rock salt is spread evenly via a 3-hole drop shut-off system. Ensure the rock salt remains dry while using the spreader with our rain cover for the medium duty broadcast salt spreader. Keeping the rock salt dry prevents it from clumping and ensures it flows easily through the spreader.

Refill the spreader with our white rock salt, which is of the finest quality. It is supplied in 25 kg bags and you can ensure you have enough in stock by ordering a pallet of white rock salt, which contains 42 bags of the de-icing salt. The rock salt is best used before snow or ice settles on the ground but it is also capable of melting a thin layer of snow or ice up to a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius.

To distribute larger quantities of rock salt, use our Earthway high output salt spreader, which holds a capacity of 30 kg rock salt. Instantly raise safety awareness of slippy conditions for pedestrians and drivers by displaying our self-activating ice warning sign.

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