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Retractable posts

Lockable, retractable posts, ideal for car parks and driveways


From: £594.70 ex. VAT
From: £541.18 ex. VAT ( £649.41 inc. VAT)
  • Simple push lock system
  • Available in stainless or galvanised steel
  • Alternative sizes available

Made from extremely strong and hardwearing stainless or galvanised steel, these retractable posts are the perfect choice when it comes to securing your car park, driveway or car showroom.

Featuring a very simple to use base locking system, these retractable posts can be erected and taken down in seconds. To lock into place, simply extend the post out of the ground and once it has reached its full height, rotate it 45° to secure it in the upright position. Two keys are supplied so you can then lock your post in place, preventing vehicles from accessing private property.

These retractable posts have a seven pin anti-drill centre push lock for added security, while the sprung flap cover protects the locking system when the posts are retracted. At full height these posts measure 900mm, and with a diameter of 114mm they are easily large enough to deter unauthorised access.

The ground sockets measure a depth of 1,250mm with a width of 150mm to accommodate both the retracted post and locking system, while the super strong materials they are made from will withstand vehicle damage, and are weatherproof to avoid corrosion to the posts and locking mechanism.

With a choice of either galvanised or stainless steel, you are guaranteed to find a post which will match your business requirements. The galvanised model comes complete with reflective tape, and used in conjunction with other barrier and post systems from Safetyshop, you can quickly and easily secure a range of parking facilities.

Ideal for use in private car parks, private driveways or car showrooms, you can easily protect your property and prevent unauthorised access with these extra strong and hardwearing retractable barriers.

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