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Rocol Easyline® marking applicator easy fit replacement marking plates

Replacement Masking Plates for use with Easyline paint


£13.15 ex. VAT
£11.97 ex. VAT ( £14.36 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to fit replacement masking plates
  • Specially designed for use with Easyline paint and applicators for the perfect finish
  • Ideal for the creation of clear and sharp lines

Achieve perfectly clear and sharp lines with these replacement masking plates, specially designed for Rocol Easyline® edge line marking applicators, and use with Easyline paints. Never suffer a wobbly line again! These plates will ensure you have clearly demarcated lines wherever you go. Whether you're marking out parking spaces in car parks, outlining different sections in your warehouses, or indicating areas to be kept clear on your factory floors, these masking plates won't let you down. Every line will be perfectly sharp, clear, and straight, which is especially important when organisation is required, or routes/areas are unclear otherwise.

These replacement masking plates come in packs of two and are very easy to fit. When affixed to the bottom of your Rocol Easyline® applicator, the plates act as a shield to prevent any paint from being deposited outside the desired edges of your lines. The results? Perfect lines, every time.

A simple, affordable, and elegant solution to wibbly wobbly lines and fuzzy edges, the replacement marking plates and the applicator itself are a professional solution to hectic working environments, whether vehicle-based or subjected to heavy footfall.

Looking for additional products to help you with your line painting? These masking plates go perfectly with our Rocol Easyline® edge line marking applicator, and Rocol Easyline® edge line marking paint, which is available in a range of colours.

Complete your line painting set with a hand held paint applicator. For those extra complicated jobs that require a little more than straight lines, try our thermoplastic road marking system, the perfect solution for the trickier aspects of road marking.

Additional Information

Brand Rocol®
Description ROCOL EASYLINE® Edge Applicator Masking Plates
Packaging Qty. 2
Product Description Easyline® Edge Applicator Masking Plates
Type Spare Masking Plates

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