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Replacement thin glass sheet for emergency access key box

Glass to fit our standard emergency key box once the original glass has been broken.


£10.99 ex. VAT ( £13.19 inc. VAT)
  • Tough yet easily breakable glass
  • Key boxes deter casual use yet enable emergency keys to remain accessible
  • Sold as a single sheet of glass.

There are many instances where it may be appropriate to lock keys away for safe-keeping, whilst also making them available for use in an emergency, such as keys that operate emergency fire fighting equipment, keys to safes, and keys to open safe rooms or doors. Purchasing an emergency key box is the ideal solution; once mounted in a prominent position in your workplace, they ensure that your keys remain on display for easy access in the event of an emergency situation, whilst also discouraging common use. Our emergency key box can be used time and time again; it simply needs its glass to be replaced after the original sheet has been broken.

This is a piece of glass specifically for use with our key box and is available to order as a single unit. Once your original glass has been broken, it can be easily removed and disposed of. Then, simply insert your new sheet of glass into the face of the box to start using it again straight away. The replacement screen is made from a thin glass, which is sturdy enough to avoid damage from light accidental impact, but easy enough to break upon moderate impact. This ensures that anyone is able to break into it in the event of an emergency. The glass is also thin enough to reduce the risk of cuts and scrapes upon impact, and it can be easily swept away and disposed of after breaking.

For all your emergency key storage needs, we stock a range of alternative key cabinets and accessories, so you can find the solution that is right for your workplace.

Additional Information

Description Replacement Glass for Emergency Key Box
Product Description Replacement Glass
Supplied in Single

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