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Removx Self-Adhesive Food Rotation Shelf-Life Labels

Conveniently keep track of food for health and safety purposes


£10.75 ex. VAT ( £12.90 inc. VAT)
  • Self-adhesive performs well in cold conditions and is easy to remove at room temperture
  • Pre-printed to help employees know which information needs to be added
  • Encourage effective and efficient stock rotation in kitchens

Next to hygiene, adhering to shelf-life procedures is one of the most important aspects of health and safety in food preparation areas. Whether it's in kitchens, food manufacturing areas or serving stations, it's essential that staff observe proper stock rotation routines in order to ensure food is not kept longer than it should be in order to be safe. This also cuts down on waste by encouraging food to be used up in time rather than thrown away after it's past its best. These Removx labels are an excellent way to keep track of the status of different food items, providing space for adding all the information necessary to observe good rotation procedures. Using our food safety training DVD is a great starting point when it comes to safe working with food.

The labels are pre-printed with sections that can be filled in as they're used. This includes the name of the product, who made it, and the date and time it was made. The bottom section is where the 'use by' date is written in, and it's made extra clear by a bold purple arrow. An alternative design is available without the colours if you prefer. We also stock Removx 7-day label kits with colour coding to help recognise which days certain items need to be used on, which is ideal for busy kitchens.

With a self-adhesive backing on each one, the labels can be applied quickly and easily to the surfaces of food packaging. They can be applied in temperatures as low as -18°C, and they stay firmly adhered in environments down to -30°C. The labels are designed to be cleanly removed at room temperature, so you can use them with reusable containers without damaging them or leaving a build-up of residue.

Displaying one of our food preparation and storage information posters in all kitchens and other food areas is a great way to remind staff of their responsibilities.

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