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Reusable and releasable multi-sized cable ties

Sturdy and durable cable ties with unique thumb release for repositioning and reuse


From: £8.99 ex. VAT ( £10.79 inc. VAT)
  • Strong black plastic for maximum hold
  • Easy to use release system for repositioning
  • A toolbox essential, available in three lengths

Cable ties are a mainstay of many engineering and technology businesses, with their quick and easy cable management capabilities making them an essential part of any toolbox. For both sustainability and convenience, these releasable cable ties provide an extra layer of adaptability to typical cable ties, with a simple release on their head which can be pressed with the thumb and loosens the tie for reuse. This also makes them ideal for temporary signage, such as a construction site, allowing site managers to reposition signs again as necessary, without waste or the hassle of locating new cable ties.

Each cable tie is as strong and durable, providing the perfect answer to managing bundles of cables, tightly attaching a wire to a secure point on a wall, or placing signs on a post, wall or stanchion. They are made of sturdy black plastic, are able to be used both indoors and out, and can be clipped to length to ensure a neat final fit.

Their reusable nature also makes them perfect for any temporary cable tying need. Office cable management can be a complex problem where the desires of the end user clash with achievable reality for any installation team. A temporary tie means that cables can be discretely fastened without the worry that desk configurations become immutable - simply release and retie as needed to provide a neat environment at all times and keep the end user happy that their needs are being listened to and met.

Available in three lengths (100mm, 145mm and 250mm) and in packs of 100, these releasable cable ties are a perfect addition to the standard toolbox and are sure to save time and frustration for anyone who regularly works with wires and cables. We also stock a full range of standard cable ties and other cable management systems to fulfil your workplace requirements and standards as necessary.

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