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Assorted coloured recycling bin lids

Recycling bin lids in a range of colours for easy waste separation


From: £6.99 ex. VAT ( £8.39 inc. VAT)
  • Assorted colours for an attractive recycling system
  • Sturdy lids that provide a long-lasting solution
  • Allows for easy waste separation

Effective recycling solutions are essential in any modern working environment, and providing an easy way for staff to separate waste is a great way to encourage correct recycling. Our recycling container lids are an effective solution to waste separation in just about any office, school, construction site environment or otherwise.

Also known as coloured recycling lids, assorted recycling container lids and waste separation lids, these can be secured easily onto waste barrels to prevent spillages and over filling. Their handles make them easy to open and close when attached to a waste container. They can also be easily removed, so that you can swap colours between bins as desired.

The lids can be used with containers that hold a range of capacities. Our recycling containers are made specifically to fit these lids, and also are available in a range of colours for ultimate customisation.

The wide assortment of colours enables you to create your own recycling system, assigning chosen colours to certain items. The lids are made from a high quality material that ensures the lids are long-lasting and durable, and can weather a range of conditions both indoors and outdoors. Their smooth surfaces make them safe and pleasant to operate, reducing the risk of injury.

Recycling can be a great way to motivate staff to be conscious of the environment. Our colour coded recycling bins are an attractive and easy solution to encourage staff to recycle a range of products.

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