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Recycled bin liners in dispenser

Handy, neat and tidy recycled bin liners in dispenser

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From: £12.99 ex. VAT ( £15.59 inc. VAT)
  • Eco friendly recycled bin liners
  • Come in neat, tidy, easy to use dispenser
  • Available in a range of materials and sizes

When it comes to recycling, we are all now well into the habit of sorting out items that can safely be recycled from products which absolutely must go in the bin. We have our recycle boxes and bins, our stickers and reminders, and we dutifully ensure our employees maximise their recycling efforts to guarantee waste is properly sorted, and disposed of in the most eco friendly manner possible. But there are some things we just can't recycle. Like it or not, technology has not yet evolved to the point where we are capable of recycling every piece of waste workplaces throw out. For those things that absolutely must go in the bin, bin liners are the unsung heroes of waste disposal. They make throwing things away quick, clean, easy, and far more hygienic than the process would be otherwise. They are also one of the things workplaces can recycle, and as such, while it may not always be possible to avoid throwing certain things away, we can at least ensure they are disposed of in liners that are, in themselves, a testament to the power of recycling.

Recycled bin liners are the perfect way to ensure your employees waste disposal efforts are as green as possible, and guarantee that you don't ruin all your hard work by throwing out recyclable waste in non-recyclable bin liners (nightmare!).

Our handy range of bin liners are perfect. They are available in a range of materials, including clear refuse sacks, light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty refuse sacks. With so much choice you and your cleaning staff will always have the perfect bin liner for every job. All our bin liners come in super neat and tidy dispensers to help you keep them organised and unobtrusive. They are all available in bulk, in a variety of sizes, and all are produced from 100% recycled polythene. Designed to resist tearing you can't go wrong with these bin liners!

Looking for more ways to keep your recycling organised? Try our stackable recycling bins. To really maximise your company's recycling efforts, our colour coded recycling bins are perfect for making it as simple and easy as possible for employees, clients, and visitors, to always use the correct bin. And for your outdoor needs, try our colourful range of coordinating robust polythene wheeled bins.

Additional Information

Capacity 75 litre
Pack Qty. 200

  • Recycled bin liners in dispenser
  • Recycled bin liners in dispenser
  • Recycled bin liners in dispenser
  • Recycled bin liners in dispenser
  • Recycled bin liners in dispenser

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