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BS7071 RCD Adaptor

Handy compact RCD adaptor for safe use of portable equipment.


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  • Required by law when using portable devices in places of public access
  • Protects the user, as well as all those in the vicinity, from the danger of electric shock
  • Complies with regulation BS7071

Electricity can be a serious hazard to health; even when all possible precautions are taken to ensure safety, accidents can still happen. Trailing leads can create trip hazards or can become damaged; wandering fingers can cause unpredictable situations to arise; water can find its way into work areas and cause havoc in seconds; appliances can simply fail and become extremely dangerous in the blink of an eye. For these and many other reasons, it is required by law that all leads and other portable equipment, such as the ever popular Henry and Hetty Vacuum Cleaners, used in public places are protected by a residual current device (RCD).

This handy little adaptor is just the device you need to ensure you comply with all regulations and remain safe while you go about the task at hand. Every tradesman working with the general public should carry one of these for peace of mind.

An RCD works by measuring the amount of current that flows out and back through a circuit, detecting any tiny discrepancies and instantly cutting the power of both poles before anything approaching a dangerous current is leaked. Simply plug the RCD adaptor into any standard UK 13 amp BS1363 socket before plugging your device or lead into the socket on the adaptor.

In the event of a power cut, the RCD adaptor will trip, meaning that any tools or other pieces of equipment won't dangerously fire up when the power is restored.

These tough and sturdy extension reels are the perfect addition to this ultra safe RCD adaptor.

Additional Information

Amperage 13 A
Application Use of electrical items & cabling in public area
Brand Brady
Colour(s) White
Description RCD Adaptor
Specifications / Characteristics Double pole switching to isolate live and neutral
Supplied in Single
Voltage 240 V

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