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Workbench-compatible RCB circuit breaker

Keep your workplace safe with this versatile RCB circuit breaker


£109.00 ex. VAT ( £130.80 inc. VAT)
  • Fits on all Premier height adjustable benches
  • Protects workers from electric shocks
  • Secure and simple installation

This RCB circuit breaker will keep your workforce safe from the danger of electrocution while they work, by providing an instant and reliable halt to the flow of electricity in case of accidents.

A vital health and safety feature which can easily save lives, this circuit breaker can provide both daily reassurance and practical intervention in the event of an emergency, saving not only lives but also the productivity of your business in the process.

It's compatible with all of the height adjustable benches we sell, and is just one of the accessories available to make all your workbenches as efficient and safe as possible.

The circuit breaker can easily be fitted to any of the premier height adjustable benches we stock, and simply bolts securely onto the rear of the bench without getting in the way of productivity. Our height adjustable benches are also extremely versatile and can be raised or lowered to suit both the specific employee and the task at hand.

While looking to improve your workbenches, you might also be interested in adding some of our additional accessories such as the tool rail and light unit uprights, which allow for very specific customisation of each work bench with tools and lights for the most productive workspace.

We also stock a separate tool panel to store tools and other accessories, keeping workbenches free from distracting and potentially dangerous clutter. This means you can create a safe and well-oiled working environment, with the right benches and accessories for each employee and each individual job they need to do.

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