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Easy-to-Use Rapid Setting Surface Repair Concrete Mix

Sets in just 25-30 minutes, matching your existing concrete surface


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  • Suitable for drives, paths, car parks and other concrete surfaces
  • Quick setting time means minimal disruption
  • Just add water and it's ready to use

No matter how well the original job was done, concrete is likely to develop faults and damage over time. This can leave you tempted to redo the entire surface, but this isn't necessary. This surface reinstatement concrete allows you to carry out high-quality repairs with hardly any disruption, leaving you with a smooth surface that's as good as new. This product is ideal for larger areas, able to reinstate big patches of concrete at once. If you have small patches of damage, the Instarmac concrete patch repair may be a more suitable choice and can be used on floors both indoors and out.

To use this reinstatement product, all you need to do is add water according to the instructions and it's ready to go. The substance has great workability, helping you to get a neat, attractive result easily. The concrete sets hard after just 25 to 30 minutes, so there's no need to close off the area for long periods while you wait for it to set. Once it's dried, it matches existing concrete surfaces, so it won't cause unsightly, mismatched patches that leave you wanting to redo the entire area.

The concrete repair material is suitable for use in car parks, loading bays, roads, paths, drives, and anywhere else concrete is used. It's a handy and cost-effective way to carry out repairs and can bring your surfaces back to a high standard, giving the strength to last longer before more extensive maintenance is needed.

If you have tarmac surfaces that have developed faults and need to be repaired, Instarmac Instant Pothole Repair is the perfect way to carry them out. It's supplied mixed and ready to use and has a quick, convenient setting time.

The Instarmac range has all the products you need to keep floors in excellent condition, including a floor-levelling material to maintain a flat and even surface.

Additional Information

Application Area Outdoor
Brand Instarmac
Description Rapid Setting Surface Reinstatement Concrete
Supplied in Single

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