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Re-Usable Rack Sacks

Strong, re-usable rack sacks, ideal for waste separation.


From: £24.99 ex. VAT ( £29.99 inc. VAT)
  • 14 designs to choose from
  • Strong, waterproof polyester
  • Reusable and hardwearing material

Manufactured from the strongest waterproof polyester, these hardwearing and reusable rack sacks are ideal for use in even the most testing of industrial environments.

Whatever field your business operates in, these easy to fix rack sacks are great for both indoor and outdoor use. With clear, simple designs you can quickly and easily separate your waste into the 14 categories supplied, helping to keep your premises tidy and simplifying the waste disposal and recycling processes.

As well as supplying blank rack sacks, we also provide sacks for aluminium, building materials, cardboard, electrical items, general waste, glass, metals, mixed paper and card, mixed recycling, plastics, plastic strappings, shrink wrap and wood and timber.

Combined with one of our Open Top Freestanding Sackholders, it is quick and easy to collect and dispose of a variety of waste materials. The strong plastic these rack sacks are made from means that once they have been emptied they can be re-used time and time again. Unlike standard rubbish bags which have a tendency to tear when filled, these rack sacks are strong enough to resist damage from sharp objects and will save you money long-term because they need to be replaced less frequently.

Ideal for use in a warehouse or other industrial setting, the easily sealed weatherproof plastic means waste is not exposed to the elements and therefore is easier to dispose of. Thanks to the bold, clear labelling, sorting the various types of waste generated by your business has never been more straightforward.

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