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Versatile, Tamper-Resistant Polypropylene Seals

Maintain the integrity of fire extinguishers, postal sacks and other items

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From: £99.99 ex. VAT ( £119.99 inc. VAT)

  • Simply pull the seal tight to secure the item
  • Available in different colours for coding possibilities
  • Bulk buy pack contains 1000 seals

These secure seals are a highly effective way to ensure the safety and integrity of many different items. Their tamper-resistant design lets you see instantly if the items they secure have been compromised, which lets you take action to keep your business safe, secure and working as it should.

The seals are simply pulled tight around whatever object you need to fix them to, and they can't be removed without breaking them. Custom numbered seals are available for extra security if you need it, but these un-numbered ones are effective in themselves. They can be used on the pull-ring of a fire extinguisher to prevent misuse or damage, which helps you make sure all your extinguishers are in good working order and ready for use if a fire occurs. This makes it quicker to carry out inspections, as you can see instantly if someone has tampered with a specific fire extinguisher.

They're also useful for sealing various types of postal bags and containers, so you can make sure items reach their destination safely. If you regularly send sensitive documents, the Envopak re-usable security bags we stock are a great way to keep them safe. They have a tamper-evident seal that makes it immediately obvious if the contents have been accessed by an unauthorised person.

These seals are available in blue, green, red or yellow, which lets you use them to colour-code different items. They can also signify the status of equipment or machinery they're attached to, or inform people where delivery items have come from or where they're destined to go, at a glance.

If you need seals that let you provide extra information, our write-on seals are also colour-coded, and allow you to fill in specific details where needed for clear extra marking.

Hazardous waste is another situation where bags need to be kept safely and securely closed. Our waste bags come complete with seals, so you can guarantee they won't be opened by anyone unaware of the danger, which could have disastrous consequences.

Additional Information

Material Polypropylene
Pack Qty. 1000
Product Description Pull Tight Plastic Security Seals

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