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Protective transparent vinyl envelopes

Splashproof vinyl envelopes for protecting paper tags in industrial or outdoor environments.


From: £2.15 ex. VAT ( £2.58 inc. VAT)

  • Flexible and durable transparent vinyl
  • Ideal for use in factory and industrial settings
  • Easily affixed with a cable tie or similar

Environment plays a large part when determining the viability and usefulness of a number of items in businesses. Tags and other paper-based note sheets might be perfect for an office, but in a more industrial setting, or for use outside, such items are easily destroyed or can quickly become unreadable. While permanent marker on glossy labels can provide some longevity, the degradability of paper product eventually reduces such solutions to temporary fixes at best and also doesn't address the issue of updating information on a regular or semi-regular basis.

These vinyl envelopes are an excellent solution for bringing card tags, record cards or other paper-based media into a different environment without losing their usefulness. They are ideal for holding information that must remain with machinery, keeping small pieces of paperwork together or simply to protect a label from the rain. The protective vinyl covers the contents entirely, with an overlapping flap to ensure that nothing enters the envelope by accident, yet they are accessible enough to give easy access if any of the information held within needs updating.

Made from a long-lasting transparent vinyl, the protective envelopes are also a superb solution for use in areas which see little traffic, such as protecting the service notes for a fire extinguisher, or labelling items intended for long-term storage.

Each envelope comes with a hole punched in the top centre, reinforced, sealed and protected by a brass grommet. Use a cable tie or similar fastener to affix the envelope to whatever needs tagging and be rest assured that the information provided is safe from the environment.

With six sizes to choose from, these durable vinyl envelopes are a perfect solution to many tagging and labelling issues - ranging up to a 150mm x 230mm envelope suitable for larger record cards.

For a more durable tagging solution suitable for all areas of your business, take a look at our coloured metal write-on tags, available in several stand out colours.

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