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Swing Back Bollards for Private Land

Reflective red and white bollards with collision-safe movement


£90.30 ex. VAT
£82.17 ex. VAT ( £98.61 inc. VAT)
  • Highly visible reflective coating
  • Innovative bend and snap-back design
  • Bases and chains sold separately

Erecting a safe and highly visible barrier to cordon off sections of your property, or to direct traffic around temporary works can often be a time consuming and costly task. These swing back bollards are a perfect innovative and cost-effective answer to cordoning needs on private land.

Each of the bright red and white bollards features a sturdy swing back design, allowing them movement if hit accidentally by a vehicle. The bollard will return to its vertical position moments after being displaced without damage to either itself or any colliding objects.

Fix them to the ground with our specialised bases (available separately), and form a wider barrier with our plastic chains, available in a range of colours including a matching red and white. Both chains and bases are easy to fit - the former simply links to the top-mounted chain eye and can be linked in serial to any number of bollards, while the bases provide an instant sturdy ground mounting solution.

These bollards are for private use only, as the highly reflective red and white sleeving is not suitable for use on a UK highway. For public road use, the highway spring back bollard is recommended.

Each bollard stands 1000mm high and has a diameter of 90mm, giving them a high visibility rating for short and medium distances and remaining at bumper-level for safety in the event of a collision.

Remember, when using your swing back bollards to plan vehicle routes, take into account the size of expected traffic. Ensure you provide areas large enough to turn around, suitable passing places, and reversing zones where necessary. When cordoning off pedestrian walkway areas, be sure to adequately sign routes for both pedestrian and vehicle use.

Additional Information

Size (H x Dia.)
Description Bollard with Chain Eye
Supplied in Single
Size 1000 (H) x 90mm (dia.)

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