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Durable, Sturdy 2m Post for Osprey Litter Bins

Strong post with ground fixing plate, Jubilee clips and top cap.

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From: £99.99 ex. VAT ( £119.99 inc. VAT)
  • Strong and durable
  • Simple to install using the kit
  • Reduces the risk of theft and damage.

Minimising waste and litter around any business premises is crucial to maintaining the health and safety of staff and visitors alike, as well as keeping surrounding areas tidy and clean. A litter-filled smoking area can quickly make your premises seem unattractive and dissuade customers from entering.

It's important that any company's approach to the environment is taken seriously, including how it disposes waste. Providing convenient, easy access to bins across your premises can help to ensure employees do their bit to help keep the workplace safe, clean and tidy. However, having large free standing floor based bins is often not practical and can in itself become a hazard. Wall mounted and post mounted bins could be a solution to this.

Ideal for use with the original Osprey litter bins, these hard wearing 2 metre high posts provide stability, strength and convenience. Including all you need to quickly and easily install the post without requiring specialist help. The kit includes the ground fixing plate, Jubilee clips for holding the bin securely in place and the top cap - a complete solution.

Traditional, freestanding rubbish bins are often all that is needed to encourage the right kind of waste disposal. However, in some environments they can be easily knocked over, or may be at particular risk of theft or vandalism. In these circumstances a bin that can be easily secured and stabilised with the use of this 2 metre post and convenient kit seems like a no brainer. Usable indoors and outdoors, you can quickly and easily install the post at minimal cost and time.

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